Siddhi Santosh Bodke  testimonial

Molecular biology as a subject is something I always felt that it is complicated and difficult to understand. But through this internship I was able to overcome the fear that I had in my mind about this subject. Learning through simple and easy to understand notes and videos, I was able to get a good idea about what a job as a molecular biology lab technician demands. This internship has certainly increased my knowledge and interest in molecular biology techniques and the skills required for this job. As someone who aspires to make a career in research, this knowledge is going to be very helpful for me in my career endeavours. I am extremely thankful to the entire team of BioLim for being so considerate and patient with me. Due to some family and personal issues I have taken double the amount of time required to complete this internship. I am beyond grateful to BioLim for providing me with this learning opportunity. Overall I would say that this internship for me was a great learning experience. Thank You BioLim!

Siddhi Santosh Bodke

From Guru Nanak Khalsa College, India

Pursued Internship Programme (Internship on molecular biology laboratory associate role) in BioLim

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