Dilruka Virangi Kasturiarachchi  testimonial

I'm a final year B.sc student who doesn’t have much experience in the research field as my final year project also came to a halt due to the Covid 19 pandemic. This internship program gave me much needed exposure into the research field and made me understand how complex and tedious a research process is. It is safe to say that this program changed my views on research and built a new level of appreciation for the amount of work the practitioners put in order to conduct a successful research. The task based structure allowed me to improve my writing skills and helped me to put the knowledge I gained through the forums into use. The presentations provided a lot of important points that enhanced my knowledge in research and the sample documents given in the tasks helped a lot in understanding how to frame my answers. Most of the initial tasks were a bit difficult, tedious and time consuming, whereas the tasks which involved giving my opinion were much easier. I am glad that I pushed through all the tasks without giving up, as this has become an impactful learning experience and a productive way to spend the time in lockdown due to this pandemic. This internship program was overall a great experience despite being a bit challenging for a B.Sc student. Thank you Team Biolim for putting together such a detailed and helpful internship program that can be finished in just 30 days which is worth the amount of money and time spent. I wish all the best and hope your team will be able to enlighten more students and boost their future careers as well.

Dilruka Virangi Kasturiarachchi

From Bangalore University , Sri Lanka

Pursued Internship Programme (Online internship on research associate role) in BioLim

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