Aparna Ramachandran testimonial

The two months internship that I did at BCST has been enriching and very fruitful. The research that I carried out in BioLim has provided me with keen insight into the inter-disciplinary nature of Science. It has made me possible learning new things, and has also given a chance for implementing what I have learnt so far. Under the valuable guidance of my mentors, I had an opportunity to understand how to go about independent research and how to formulate a project idea. Exposure to various interdisciplinary projects in the lab has served to strengthen my interest and knowledge as fellow interns presented their work. I was able to present my research findings in the social events, such as conferences and also through specialised implementing channels, such as Young Wing Community.

I found BioLim as refreshing instead of run-of-the-mill ideas; the faculty strives to think out of the box and makes a niche for themselves and for their students. It has always been a long time dream to give back to the society what Science has given to me, and at BioLim I was able to achieve a small portion of that. It is a place for students who wish to learn and grow, and I believe that, BioLim will continue to provide such valuable services to benefit the learning community.

I thank the entire faculty at BioLim for being there throughout my internship and for helping me complete it successfully.

Aparna Ramachandran

From University Of Madras, India

Pursued Internship Programme (Short term internship) in BioLim

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