Nair Anjana Vijaykumar testimonial

I joined BioLim as an intern for a period of one complete month as a part of Long Term Internship programme. Here, I learnt some hands-on skills and completed my project under microbiology department. The whole experience of working with the organisation truly met my expectations by exposing me to different areas of biotechnology. I not only gained the academic knowledge but also came across varied research opportunities in the biotech industry. I learnt some core aspects, such as Basic Laboratory Techniques, Good Laboratory Practices and Scientific Knowledge of Laboratory equipments along with some entrepreneur skills. The mentors were very affable and easy going. They were very interactive and motivated every individual. I thank them for boosting my confidence. The implementing sector and the Young wing Community profoundly encourages the young minds and enhances self-confident expression of ideas. The Nukleuz magazine extensively works on sharing innovative ideas by upcoming science reporting volunteers. Such an opportunity cannot be gained elsewhere. This training gave me a lot of knowledge personally as well as professionally, and I would recommend every science individual, especially who thinks of pursuing biotechnology as a career to be associated with BioLim research society in one way or another. BioLim is contributing its best in the Biotech sector and I wish it fulfills all its visions and aspirations.

Nair Anjana Vijaykumar

From Dr. D.Y Patil Biotechnology and Bioinformatics Institute, India

Pursued Internship Programme (Short term internship) in BioLim

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