Internship on cancer biotechnologist role

Type: Pre-industrial internship
Mode: Online

Internship on cancer biotechnologist role

About programme

Cancer is one of the serious factors that increases morbidity around the world. The necessity of finding novel solutions to prevent this disease, detect the disease in early stages, and cure the disease in an affordable way is high globally. Many organisations both private and public, from academic and industrial background are continuously working on this disease parameter. Various domains of science and technology deal with cancer research and finding treatment procedures in their own way, but higher success comes through the cross disciplinary research models. One discipline that shows high promising nature to diagnose and treat cancer in cross disciplinary mode is biotechnology. Biotechnology is moving to new horizons in cancer diagnosis and curing through its contribution in recent years. Hence the role of cancer biotechnologists is high in the institutions and industries that work with cancer diagnosis, treatment, and related research and development activities. This internship programme helps you to know more about the cancer biotechnologist role.

Our pre-industrial internship programme is basically aimed at helping the academic learners to get in touch with the industrial point of application of their subject. We understand the need for every learner to experience different jobs related to his/her field through internships before they decide a proper goal for their career. Attending offline industry related programmes in all different jobs related to a subject among the busy academic schedule is not an easy task, and hence we have designed this productive pre-industrial online internship programme for our learning community.

We are providing scope for the learners, those who are pursuing graduation and also for those who have completed the graduation to undergo this pre-industrial internship programme in order to understand well about cancer biotechnologist role.

Programme suitability

  • Learners who want to become researchers (both in industry and academia) in the stream of cancer biotechnology can choose this programme.
  • Learners who want to start a career as research associate, research assistant, project assistants, lab assistant, lab supervisor, lab technician in cancer based laboratories of both industry and academia can choose this programme.
  • Learners who want to pursue masters abroad relevant to cancer biotechnology in a competitive environment can choose this programme.
  • Learners who want to work in cancer research in UG, PG, PhD projects and want to get exposure on the same can join in this programme.
  • Learners who want to learn the fundamentals of cancer biotechnology can prefer this programme.

Programme specifications

Specifications Details
Programme duration 3 weeks
Programme code BOI015
Programme mode Online
Programme type Online

Programme module (brief)

  • Roles and responsibilities of the cancer biotechnologist
  • Biology of cancer
  • Molecular mechanism of cancer
  • Biotechnology in cancer
  • Biotechnology based cancer detection
  • Biotechnology based cancer treatment
  • Cancer cell handling and lab management
  • Reporting and documenting skills
  • Current trends in cancer research
*To get a detailed view on the modules and about the modes of learning, please talk to our counsellor.
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  • The applicant should be having or pursuing degree in the stream of life science in any government approved institution/college/university. The age of the applicant should have been completed 18 years on the joining date.
  • The age of the applicant should not exceed 29 at the time of joining.
  • School students and diploma students are not eligible for this programme.
*Need any help to understand your eligibility? Talk to our counsellor
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Enrollment fee details

Enrollment fee is applicable for the programme. The Enrollment fee varies based on the duration, your need for certification and certificate type (E-certificate or hard copy). Group participants and our alumni are eligible to get a fee concession. Hence for knowing the exact enrollment fee amount, please apply for the programme and talk to our counsellor. During the verification call, the counsellor will be informing you the fee details and also check your eligibility for any of our scholarships.

*Kindly be informed without going through your application, the counsellor cannot inform you the exact fee.
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Why is there an enrollment fee for an internship?

Our internships in online mode are kind of a pre-industrial internship type. They are more than ordinary online courses. They also differ from in-lab internships. In our pre-industrial internship programme we have designed our participants to be trained enough in the job role based works under proper monitoring and mentoring in our cloud system. The enrolment fee is collected for portal improvement and maintenance, mentoring, continuous evaluation, certification services etc. The enrolment fee is unavoidable as we are not involved in any commercialisation of our online intern works. However, you can reduce the enrollment fee based on your country of origin through our scholarships.

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