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Professional skill development programmes are special kinds of programmes that bridge academia and industry in a comfortable way. As the percentage of pass outs were increasing every year than the available jobs. Therefore it is becoming a challenge for industries to find the best candidate among the high volume of graduates. It is a counter challenge for the learners to prepare themselves for the suitable job in a promising way so that they can be notified much easier by the industry based on their job relevant skill set.

A major degree corresponds or provides fundamental knowledge for a variety of jobs in the field related to the degree. However, the major degree very often fails to cover the nature of each and every job available in the sector in its curriculum. This makes the learners lag in understanding different jobs available in the sector and this leads to poor job skill development among the learners.

In order to overcome the issue, the institutions demand the learners to go for industry specific internship, where they can observe and learn about a specific job. Though most of the industries show interest in providing internship to the learners, it is practically impossible for the learners to approach different industries to get exposure to all the jobs available in the sector inorder to choose one for their career.

BioLim, as a skill development partner, is coming forward to address this issue and provide some solutions that can improve this situation and carry the students more towards the industrial expectations.

Our professional job role skill development programmes (internship in simple terms) provides opportunities for the science and technology learners to get to know a specific industrial job in an elaborate way. This programme aims to expose the students towards the roles and responsibilities of a particular job, its tasks, the fundamentals behind the task, industrial guidelines etc. This programme makes a clean and clear opportunity for the learners to gain exposure over a wide variety of jobs relevant to their major degree during the graduation period itself. This helps them to understand the jobs well and to choose a better one for their career or to develop their skill set according to their dream job.

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