Foundation Programmes

Foundation programmes are the fundamental courses that provide a complete knowledge over a subject of interest. Our foundational courses are motivated towards accelerated knowledge flow in the core subject of learning in association with extracurricular activities which leads to the achievement of productive measurable outcomes by every learner. We provide the foundation courses through both online and hybrid (regular + Online) mode. We use the cloud system to boost self learning of our learners along with mentor support. Our foundation programmes contain different types of courses such as certificate courses and finishing school courses etc.

Special features

  • Our foundation courses such as certificate courses majorly focus on providing a complete fundamental knowledge in the frontier fields.
  • Our foundation courses aim to produce more valuable learners and help them to explore further by stepping into higher education, research or academic or industrial careers in their field of study.
  • Learners at BioLim receive an in-depth and intensive introduction to every fascinating subject that they pursue.
  • Learners can begin or advance an existing career in an exceptionally dynamic and potentially remunerable sector of interest through better understanding of the frontier fields through our foundation courses.
  • Learners could attain a professional-level understanding of the course's subject, which can be uniquely beneficial and priming them for life-long careers in an extra-ordinary range of key industrial sectors.
  • Our foundation courses provide a real base to the learners for building a scope full career in the sector.
  • Learners can enhance re-entry skills and re-energise any career pause through these programmes.

Available modes