Why should I prefer BioLim online internship even after the COVID lockdown?

Offline internships are usually preferred over online internships. It is because offline internships can give you in-lab/inside factory experience, direct interaction with mentors/supervisors, team working, lively experience and more. In BioLim’s offline (regular) internships, we majorly focus on process development and product development which is a must for students to be trained before going for an industrial job. However, there are several factors which you cannot get in a regular or offline internship completely (neither in BioLim nor at other places).

For example, you cannot get more explanation on a specific job role, industrial skill expectations, industrial standards and regulations, good lab practices, good manufacturing practices, quality management, documentation, related skills to perform these effectively and so on. Mentors in the lab or at an industrial site, can't always explain everything to the intern amidst their regular work and also cannot take special care in assigning custom tasks to the interns and also spend busy time evaluating the tasks completed by the interns and keep engaging for their progress. If your offline internship is of a lesser time period like 15 to 30 days, then the gap between what is supposed to be learnt and what you learnt actually will be wider.

We, at BioLim, always think and work for the betterment of our beloved student community. Hence after the COVID lockdown we substantially improved our online internships from a basic online community programme to a high-standard pre-industrial job oriented internship programme. We focus more on the job specific knowledge and skills required for a candidate. We have expanded the scope of the programme that it can deliver in a stand-alone way or in along with the offline internships. Our online internship programmes can be taken prior to your offline internship or after your offline internship. At any point, our programmes help you to become a completely trained, knowledgeable and skilled candidate who perfectly suits industrial expectations. No matter where you are going to do your offline internship or where you have already finished your offline internship, We are here to make you complete it in the best way.

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