What are the programmes available to learn stem cells?

We, BioLim, provide courses and other skill development programmes in the stem cells field since 2016. The knowledge about stem cells is important for advancing the learner's understanding of biology and for the development of new regenerative treatments for a wide range of diseases and conditions. Stem cells knowledge offers you the chance to work in this frontier research and applied field that is constantly evolving and moving forward, offering many opportunities for a professional career.

Stem cell knowledge makes you eligible for job opportunities available in many sectors, including the following:

  • In research institutions, stem cell researchers, stem cell laboratory technicians, stem cells project assistants and other associated technical job roles are available.
  • In pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies, stem cells researcher, stem cell product developers, stem cells technologist, stem cell product developers, stem cell laboratory associates and other job roles are existing.
  • In the cell banking sector, stem cells collector, stem cells processing and preservation technicians, stem cells marketing executives, and laboratory manager roles are prevailing. 
  • In the medical sector, stem cells technologists, stem cell therapists, and stem cells handling technician roles are prevailing. 
  • Some government agencies have many job openings such as stem cell researchers, stem cell technologists, stem cell policymakers, stem cell patent lawyers etc.
  • In universities, colleges and edtech companies job roles such as stem cell tutor/educator/lecturer, and stem cell laboratory assistant.

We at BioLim, on understanding the scope of this applied field, have different types of programmes for our learners having stem cells as the base field of focus.Through our foundation course on stem cells, learners can learn about the fundamentals of stem cells, their development, and current research and commercial applications. By participating in our pre industrial internship programme, the learners will be able to prepare themselves to carry out the stem cells operations on specific job roles related to the stem cell based industries. Our stem cells related programmes range from the duration of 21 to 30 days.

The following are our programmes that deal with stem cells. 

To know more, apply for the programme and talk to our counsellor.